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CS001 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2021

Cs001 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2021 | Cs001 Assignment Solution 2022 | CS001 Assignment 1 Solution.

Assignment number one has come, the last date is thirteen and you must see its instructions before resolving the assignment. An assignment must be submitted before the date and the assignment must be in ms word. If it is done in any other format then zero marks will be required.

CPL stands for Computer Proficiency License, additionally referred to as VU-CPL. It is a pc the primarily based totally training course presented to all who’re interested in getting to know of using the laptop applications, after going via this path you become comfortable and confident approximately pc usage. The goal of the above-mentioned six modules is to offer enough knowledge approximately the pc and its usage so as to carry out your everyday pc-associated tasks simply and confidently.

CS001 Question Number 1 :

Identify the computer component name for each number in the following image.

1.         RAM

2.         Processor

3.         Storage

4.         GPU

5.         Mother Board

An input tool is any peripheral (a piece of pc hardware equipment) used to offer statistics and practice to a pc, for instance, keyboard and microphone. A regular existence instance is a hand this is used to place the vote casting slip in a ballot box. Thus hand is the enter tool for the ballot box. Output Anything that comes out of a pc is referred to as output. For instance sound of a playing video withinside the pc is the output.

Training Environment of CPL

The internet site has been evolved for this course and it has its own training environment.  The homepage has six module-wise hyperlinks. You can browse those modules and sub-topics with the use of a mouse click. Input Whatever is going into the pc is referred to as entering. For instance, text, image sounds, etc. In regular existence, the instance for entering is a voting slip on a ballot.

CS001 Question No 2 and Solution :

Identify the Input, Output, and storage devices from the given list.

Cs001 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2021 | Cs001 Assignment Solution 2022 | CS001 Assignment 1 Solution.

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