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CS101 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2022

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The use of computers, mobile phones, and communication technologies is increasing day by day. People around the globe are using internet services for social interaction, online business, online shopping, flight reservation, and various other activities. The use of communication technologies also helped educational institutes to survive during the current pandemic situation but they faced a lot of difficulties in providing education to the students at their homes.

For sharing valuable knowledge among the students of various departments, an educational institute is planning to develop a video streaming service of its own for streaming lectures of different disciplines. They need to use a suitable streaming technology that is secure, and efficient in resource allocation and bandwidth utilization. Following are the two choices for adopting the mode of multimedia streaming:

  • Multicast
  • Broadcast

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According to the above scenario, I will choose Multicast multimedia streaming because it has one or more senders and multiple receivers and it sends data from one device to multiple devices. Multicast utilizes bandwidth efficiently whereas bandwidth is wasted.  Multicasting is more secure than broadcasting. The speed is also a major difference between broadcast and multicast. Broadcasting is slower while multicasting is faster. In multicasting, the processing speed is faster than broadcasting. Multicasting requires group management to define the group of hosts stations which will receive packets whereas broadcasting does not require any group management.

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