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CS301p Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

CS301p Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022: As discussed earlier, a solution is said to be efficient if it solves the problem within its resource constraints. What does it mean? In the computer, we have hard disk, memory and other hardware. Secondly we have time. Suppose you have some program that solves the problem but takes two months. It will be of no use.

 Usually, you don’t have this much time and cannot wait for two months. Suppose the data is too huge to be stored in disk. Here we have also the problem of resources. This means that we have to write programs considering the resources to achieve some solution as soon as possible. There is always cost associated with these resources. We may need a faster and better CPU which can be purchased. Sometimes, we may need to buy memory.

As long as data structures and programs are concerned, you have to invest your own time for this. While working in a company, you will be paid for this. All these requirements including computer, your time and computer time will decide that the solution you have provided is suitable or not. If its advantages are not obtained, then either program or computer is not good.

So the purchase of a faster computer, while studying this course, does not necessarily help us in the resolution of the problem. In the course of Computer Architecture you will see how the more efficient solutions can be prepared with the hardware. In this course, we will use the software i.e. data structures, algorithms and the recipes through which the computer problems may be resolved with a faster solution.

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Finally select the data structure that meets these requirements the maximum. Without, sufficient experience, it will be difficult to determine which one is the best data structure. We can get the help from internet, books or from someone whom you know for already getting the problems solved. We may find a similar example and try to use it. After this course, you will be familiar with the data structures and algorithms that are used to solve the computer problems.

While using the current pointer, it means that wherever is the current pointer, get data from that position, insert data after that position or update the data at that position. In this case, we need not to use numbers. But it is our responsibility that current pointer is used in a proper way.

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When we remove an element at the current position in the list, its space gets empty. The current pointer remains at the same position. To fill this space, we shift the elements on the right of this empty space one place to the left. If we remove an element from the beginning of the list, then we have to shift the entire remaining elements one place to the left.

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