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CS401p Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

CS401p Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022: To cover the practical aspects of assembly language programming, IBM PC based on Intel architecture will be used as an example. However this course will not be tied to a particular architecture as it is often done. In our view such an approach does not create versatile assembly language programmers.

Write an assembly language program that performs that following operations, store your VUID in the memory. Count the total number of 0 and 1 in your VUID and store it in the BH and BL register respectively.

The concepts of assembly language that are common across all platforms will be developed in such a manner as to emphasize the basic low level understanding of the computer instead of the peculiarities of one particular architecture. Emphasis will be more on assembly language and less on the IBM PC.

Compiler is such a translator, just a lot dumber, and having a scarce number of words in its target language, it is bound to produce a lot of garbage and unnecessary stuff as a result of its ignorance of our program logic. In normal programs such garbage is acceptable and the ease of programming overrides the loss in efficiency but there are a few situations where this loss is unbearable.

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Assembly language cannot be learnt by reading a book or by attending a course. It is a language that must be tasted and enjoyed. There is no other way to learn it. You will need to try every example, observe and verify the things you are told about it, and experiment a lot with the computer. Only then you will know and become able to appreciate how powerful, versatile, and simple this language is; the three properties that are hardly ever present together.

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Even in this simplest of all examples, mathematics is there, fifth from top. Without a number the servant would not be able to locate the book. He is unable to understand your will. Then you tell him to put it with the seventh book on the right shelf.

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