Cs402 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2022

Cs402 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2022: A problem is said to be effectively solvable if there exists an algorithm that provides the solution in a finite number of steps e.g. finding a solution for the quadratic equation is an effectively solvable problem because the quadratic formula provides an algorithm that determines the solution in a finite number of arithmetic operations.

Please read the assignment instructions carefully before submitting your assignment file the last date of the assignment is 24 august. To examine whether a certain FA accepts any words, it is required to seek the paths from initial to a final state. But in large FA with thousands of states and millions of directed edges, without an effective procedure, it is impossible to find a path from the initial to the final state. Following are the steps of this procedure Mark the initial state. Cs402 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2022

It is to be noted that any CFG can be converted to be in CNF if the null productions and unit productions are removed. Also if a CFG contains null able productions as well, then the corresponding new products are also to be added. This leads the following theorem. Cs402 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2022.

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