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CS403p Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

CS403p Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022: Suppose you are hired to model and Learning system for an organization. The purpose of this system is to assist the end users/learner to learn and improve their academic skills for their exams or interview and after learning the concepts the users can assess themselves by attempting online quizzes. In this system, the subject expert will add subjects and topics detail for each subject.

The topic detail includes the topic name, reading material and video tutorial. There will be a list of subjects and learners can enroll in any of the subject of their own choice. For each topic, learner can view the reading material and watch the video tutorials. For each topic, there will be a system generated based quiz .After learning a particular topic, the learners can evaluate themselves by attempting an online quiz for each topic and can view their score marks for each quiz.

View course contents of a particular subject. View the video tutorials. Attempt quizzes based on the selected topic. View the result of quiz.

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Definitions are important, especially in technical subjects because definition describes very comprehensively the purpose and the core idea behind the thing. Databases have been defined differently in literature. We are discussing different definitions here, if we concentrate on these definitions, we find that they support each other and as a result of the understanding of these definitions, we establish a better understanding of use, working and to some extent the components of a database.

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There could be infinite examples, and please note that the data that is listed about different things in the above table is not the only data that can be defined or stored about these things. As has been explained in the definition one above, there could be so many facts about each thing that we are storing data about what exactly we will store depends on the perspective of the person or organization who wants to store the data.

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