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CS502 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

CS502 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022: It may be very important for the success of the overall project that these sections of code be written in the most efficient manner possible.

An unfortunately common approach to this problem is to first design an inefficient algorithm and data structure to solve the problem and then take this poor design and attempt to fine-tune its performance by applying clever coding tricks or by implementing it on the most expensive and fastest machines around to boost performance as much as possible. The problem is that if the underlying design is bad, then often no amount of fine-tuning is going to make a substantial difference.

Before you implement, first be sure you have a good design. This course is all about how to design good algorithms. Because the lesson cannot be taught in just one course, there are a number of companion courses that are important as well.

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CS301 deals with how to design good data structures. This is not really an independent issue, because most of the fastest algorithms are fast because they use fast data structures, and vice versa. In fact, many of the courses in the computer science program deal with efficient algorithms and data structures, but just as they apply to various applications compilers, operating systems, databases, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, vision, etc.

Thus, a good understanding of algorithm design is a central element to a good understanding of computer science and good programming.

One of the elements that we will focus on in this course is to try to study algorithms as pure mathematical objects, and so ignore issues such as programming language, machine, and operating system. This has the advantage of clearing away the messy details that affect implementation. But these details may be very important.

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