Cs506 Gdb 1 Solution Spring 2022

Cs506 Gdb 1 Solution Spring 2022: Pakistan government wants to provide ease to the voters to cast votes from their homes instead of going to voting centers and can avoid the spread of Omrican virus. Therefore an online voting system was developed in which the user enter his or her CNIC and selects the person to which he or she wants to cost the vote then submit their selection on the vote casting application form page.

OVS uses cookies to store the data but when a user explicitly disables the cookies or cookies are unsupported by the browser then according to your point of view which of the following techniques will be used to store session data so that we don’t need any extra form submission accept our vote casting application form.

  • URL Rewriting
  • Hidden Form Fields

Solution: According to the given scenario, in my opinion URL Rewriting is best. Due to following reasons: In case of hidden form field extra form submission is required on each page this is a big overhead there can be tempered creating a security hole the session cannot be maintained with the static documents email document bookmark documents for browser shutdown. On the other hand, URL rewriting is most suitable in our requirement application because it will always work whether cookies is disabled or not. Extra form submission is not required on each page which is demand for our application so my preference is according to the situation is URL rewriting.

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