Cs609 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2022

Cs609 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2022: The CPUID instruction, if available, returns the vendor name and information about the model as shown in the slide above. Besides the rest of the test, the CPUID instruction can also be used by the software to identify the vendor name. So we can say that Data and Behavior are tightly coupled inside an object and both the information structure and implementation details of its operations are hidden from the outer world.

The coprocessor status register stores the status of the coprocessor. Very much like the flags register in the microprocessor the Coprocessor status word can be used to determine the result of comparison as shown in the slide. Cs609 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2022

In the code above the IEM bit is set and then the value of the control word is read to analyze the change in the control word. If the most significant bit is set then it’s an 8087 co-processor otherwise other tests must be performed. Cs609 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2022

The typematic rate of the keyboard can be controlled by a control word as depicted in the slide above. The delay and typematic rates need to be specified in this control word. The delay indicates the delay between first and second character input whenever a key is pressed. The timing of rest of the successive character inputs for the same key is determined by the typematic rate.

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