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MGT301 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

MGT301 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022: The core objective of this activity is to familiarize students with new trends in marketing, modern marketing strategies, and their practical implementation. After attempting this case, students will be able to know the implementation process of modern marketing techniques and learn the benefits of modern marketing. They will have a clear idea that how modern-day marketing works.

The Case:

Apple is a leading technology company that specializes in consumer electronics. iPhone is one of the best products of Apple.Inc. iPhone is famous for its camera performance. focuses on using the best technology as well as the best marketing campaigns. Apple’s marketing strategies are as good as their products.

A few years ago, Apple started a contest to create awareness of their best camera performance. In this contest, Apple. inc invited iPhone users to capture the best pictures and share them on social media using the hashtag #ShotsOniPhone. iPhone users shared thousands of images. Apple. inc selected ten best shots and featured them on billboards and apple stores. Apple Inc. also selected best shots from thousands of pictures to post on their social media pages.


Q1: Which new marketing trend is followed by Apple. Inc?

Q2: What marketing benefits Apple. inc will get out of this campaign? Write 3 benefits at least.

NOTE: There are 3 topics discussed under new trends in marketing. Only one of them closely represents the above case. So avoid answering multiple strategies or even slightly relevant strategies.

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