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MGT502 GDB 1 Solution Spring 2022

MGT502 GDB 1 Solution Spring 2022: Understand Emotional Intelligence and its dimensions and how organizations use them to change the behavior of their employees. before submitting your gdb solution please read the full instruction carefully then upload and submit.


The sales manager at Sigma life insurance felt that many potential clients responded fearfully to the sales representatives’ calls. They replied to the representatives’ questions suspiciously or treated them as untrustworthy. This issue caused a severe downfall in the sales. To understand the barriers between customers and sales representatives, a team led by Ali started working on this issue and discovered that sales representatives who did not acknowledge their clients’ distress felt dishonest. The representatives’ more aggressive sales tactics seemed only to increase their clients’ negative emotional responses.

Sales representatives who looked at their job from the customer’s perspective successfully made sales. Mr. Ali started an emotional awareness training program for its sales staff. Over time, as Ali’s team expanded their emotion-based program, Sigma Life insurance sales rose by tens of millions of rupees. The training in emotional awareness shows that companies can profit when feelings are recognized and consciously managed. The positive use of emotion can benefit a company internally as well.

Point of Discussion:

Keeping Emotional Intelligence Dimensions in mind, identify which dimension is being practiced by the Sigma Sales staff after the emotional awareness training program?

Justify your answer with the two valid arguments based on the given facts in this scenario. (Maximum Words Limits: 50)


To acquire relevant knowledge, watch the course video (lecture# 10) and read additional online material or any other mode. But the answer should be in your own words based on the given scenario rather than copy-pasting from the consulted content.

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