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STA301 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

STA301 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022: During a visit by the Knowledge Matters Campaign to our district this spring, in answer to a question about what the panel of sixth through eighth-grade students liked most about math, seventh-grader Kacie said, I like the problem-solving, and working as a team. And finding all the different solutions to one problem.

These students’ responses brought big smiles to the faces of all the administrators in the room. This is exactly why we embarked on our journey to implement new high-quality instructional materials four years ago.

Caesar Rodney School District was the first school district established in Delaware in 1919 and is located in the heart of the state. We serve approximately 8,000 students. Over the past 10 years, our district has grown dramatically, necessitating the opening of several new schools.

Our journey began in 2018, with the adoption of Illustrative Mathematics in grades 6-8. We wanted to provide our students with a global mathematical perspective, bringing the real world into math class, and IM provided that. We were fortunate to have Southern Regional Education Board’s Debbie Robertson, a school improvement instructional coach, help lay the foundation for the instructional shifts called for in this new curriculum.

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In short, we had a curriculum partner supporting us in ways we never could have provided to each other, given everything else on our plates. As a result, not only did our teachers advance their understanding of the curriculum during those early days of the pandemic, our middle school-ready data showed no summer slide at the start of the 2020-21 school year.

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Providing an environment for this kind of learning represents a big change. Our high school teachers, in particular, previously used a completely procedural set of traditional materials. But, a strange thing happened in the fall of 2020 when we did this crazy thing of piloting HQIM during hybrid schooling: teachers found their students were more interested in learning mathematics than ever before, due to the problem-based nature of the curriculum.

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