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Virtual University Fall 2021 Prospectus

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The Virtual University of Pakistan (VU) was established in 2002 through Ordinance No. LII of   2002.  The establishment/  founding/ corporation of this University is a historical/outstanding/ monumental milestone for Pakistan in the field of higher education. The VU was established to extend life-long learning opportunities of affordable, quality higher education to people of all areas of Pakistan using Information Communication Technologies.

It combines broadcast television, the Internet, and conventional strategies of teaching and learning to deliver quality education. During a short period of its existence, the University has earned a respectable status in the academic community and is making a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the Country of the VU

Mode of Education

The Virtual University employs a unique teaching-learning pedagogy comprising asynchronous and blended learning modes combining pre-recorded video lectures, reading material, audio/video tutorials, online interaction (e-class rooms), field-based practical training, and lab/practical work for hands-on-training for holistic and effective learning. These pre-recorded video lecturers are delivered through University’s Learning Management System ( LMS), broadcasted through four free-to-air Television Channels (VUTV 1 ~ 4), and disseminated on Internet & DVDs as an Asynchronous mode of education. The recorded lectures are also made available over the Internet on YouTube etc.

Semester System

The University observes the semester system. There will be two semesters in each academic year; Fall and Spring of at least 18 weeks each. The commencement of these semesters is regulated by the University. Before starting the first semester, it is mandatory for each and every student to qualify for a course entitled Introduction to e-learning (VU001) of one credit hour. In each semester, students will be evaluated through continuous assessments, e.g., quizzes,

assignments, Graded Discussion Boards (GDPs), etc. Now participating in continuous assessment of a course may eventually affect the final grade. It is mandatory to appear in the mid and final semester exams along with continuous assessment to get a good grade. The mid and final semester examinations within Pakistan are conducted at Virtual University designated campuses. However, Examinations for overseas students are conducted online using specialized exam software under proctored environment.


Quizzes are scheduled activities assigned by the teacher, conducted in live i.e. online mode, and supported by questions bank in the background. Students have to submit their answers within a specified time.


Assignments are also scheduled activities defined by the teacher. Students must prepare and submit within the specified time limit. The teacher evaluates and grades the script. Teachers may also require uploading the solution.


Physical participation in practical classes of a course(s) is compulsory for a student to qualify for the respective course(s). Practicals are conducted only at VU-designated laboratories/ mobile bio lab/smart lab.


To maintain a conducive academic environment at the University/Virtual Campus, students have to abide by the rules and regulations of the University. Therefore, students are advised and expected to observe the disciplinary standards of the University in all their dealings.

Phishing/ Password Hacking: The attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords,

Email Spoofing: Email spoofing is sending an email to someone else in such a way that it appears that the email was sent by someone else.

Fake Profile: Creating fake accounts on Facebook and any other social account.

Cyber Bullying: Cyberbullying includes mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email

Failing to do so the University reserves to take any suitable action against the student(s) as deemed necessary.

Interpretive Perspective

Interpretive theorists agree that truth isn’t always ‘out there’ however withinside the minds of humans. Reality is internally skilled is socially built through interaction and interpreted through the actors and is primarily based totally on the definition humans connect to it. Reality isn’t always a goal however subjective. The approach employed is inductive-proceeding from the unique to the overall and from the concrete to the abstract.

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