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Virtual University Need Based Scholarship Fall 2021

Virtual University Need Based Scholarship Fall 2021

Dear students 2.25-semester CGPA is required in order to apply for a scholarship. Students are informed that a need-based scholarship link for the Fall 2021 semester has been opened for deserving students. If you are a deserving student and suitable to apply for a need-based scholarship, please apply at your first. The last to apply for the need-based scholarship is November 05, 2021.

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How to Apply for need based scholarship is as follow:

  • First of all Login your LMS, Click on the “student service” button.
  • Then Click on Need Based Scholarship In the Accounts.
  • A form will be displayed.
  • Fill the required information correctly.
  • After fill the form click the submits request button.

Before filling the form read the instruction carefully rules and procedures of need-based scholarship.

Rules :

  • Scholarships shall comprise fractional or full reduction of the applicable tuition fee only; students shall have to pay all other dues.
  • Students ( newly admitted) who have obtained at least 60% marks Or minimum CGPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 Or minimum CGPA of 3.5 out of 5.0 ( as applicable ) on which the honor of Need based scholarship.
  • Follow the defined scheme of the applicable program without a break in their studies; are not in receipt of any other scholarship / financial assistance and have not changed their study or degree program during the course of their studies.

The Virtual University has also announced the Need-Based Scholarship this year, giving all students the opportunity to participate. All students whose requirements are met accordingly can participate in the Need-Based Scholarship. The Need-Based Scholarship is for students whose home conditions are somewhat poor and they cannot pay their full fees at the university which is why the university took this step and made it free for all these students.

Many students are unable to pay their university fees due to poor financial situations and are very anxious. Qualification is typically determined based on family income. These types of scholarship take economics into mirrored image does now no longer mean that the only issue matters. The scholarship will be offered for the one’s students who’re financially/ challenged impoverished and can prove with documentary proof that mother and father Guardians can’t pay their educational expenditures. The very last choice of a student will be made by the institutional scholarships award committee.


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 Such hypotheses can then manual studies on unique methods and effects. So paradigms consist of primary assumptions, the vital questions to be answered or puzzles to be solved, the studies strategies for use, and examples of what proper medical studies appear like. In different words, we will say paradigms are one-of-a-kind approaches of searching at the world- the manner approaches to observe degree and recognize social truth.

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Critical Perspective

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